ETS 2 Trucks

  • Gazela


    Mod adds completely independent Gazela semi-truck. It have 3 diverent versions of back. Can be bought at Volvo showroom. -please not that it have bug – while in interior you can’t hear any engine or environment sounds. —————————————————————————- Game version: 1.4.X —————————————————————————- Credits: Abshabdul DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Gazela" @ Download this mod

  • Renault Magnum V 7.0

    Renault Magnum V 7.0

    Renault Magnum V7.0 version. Whats new: – Cabin rounded up and raised (and LOD’s also) – L-shaped sheets at the windows now thin and not painted – Tanks in width and height increases (and the first to a LOD) – Low light tanks now (from the default textures tanks game version 1.4) – TomTom device…

    Download "Renault Magnum V 7.0" @ Download this mod

  • Mercedes Axor V2.0

    Mercedes Axor V2.0

    Mod adds Mercedes Benz Axor truck for your game. Truck have 3 different cabins. —————————————————————————- Game version: 1.4.X —————————————————————————- Credits: Danz KaptaN_38 DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Mercedes Axor V2.0" @ Download this mod

  • Peterbilt 359

    Peterbilt 359

    Mod adds Peterbilt 359 completely independent truck, which can be bought at Iveco showroom. Keep in mind that mod is pretty low poly and with not the best textures. —————————————————————————- Game version: 1.4.X —————————————————————————- Credits: smarty Ivan Tim (poler) Chris Rowan Matt (Superman) Klearney Samson (pete379jp) SCS Autor Umschlag in GTS: goba6372 DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Peterbilt 359" @ Download this mod

  • Scania Black Amber

    Scania Black Amber

    Mod adds Scania Black Amber truck for your game. Please note that mod only have one chassis and one cabin without bugs. —————————————————————————- Game version: 1.4.X —————————————————————————- Credits: Fastalex Fchriss scs Vlasta (J0K3R) Anaheim Chudy Ventyres etc varsanyi92 DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Scania Black Amber" @ Download this mod

  • Mercedes Axor

    Mercedes Axor

    This mod replaces Mercedes Accros truck with Axor. Mod have few bugs with chassis, and problem with camera while in second view. Note that truck and trailer as seen in pics and video are in one model, you can’t use one without other. —————————————————————————- Game version: 1.4.X —————————————————————————- Credits: MahirBey35 DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Mercedes Axor" @ Download this mod