ETS 2 Trucks

  • Volvo FH13 440 V 1.0

    Volvo FH13 440 V 1.0

    Mod adds new nice standalone truck Volvo FH13 440. It can be bough at Volvo showroom. Unfortunetly it doesn’t have any adjustment parts and only comes in white color. Game version: 1.8.X Credits: NIK_1MTK Jon-ruda Ignition8 Kirill73rus Alexey Buda. DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Volvo FH13 440 V 1.0" @ Download this mod

  • Volvo F10 V 1.0

    Volvo F10 V 1.0

    Mod adds new standalone Volvo F10 truck in your game. It have only one cabin and chassis selection, but there is girl in back of cabin so it compensates it. Game version: 1.8.X Credits: Stas556 dmitry68. DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Volvo F10 V 1.0" @ Download this mod

  • Peterbilt 379 (fixed)

    Peterbilt 379 (fixed)

    Author: Onixer Skin: Freddy J Thanks: SCS Jazzycat and Mik63i Tested in version: 1.1.1, 1.2.5,, 1.3 and 1.3.1 It replaces other trucks Buy the truck online store or large Iveco dealers This mod fix Onixer has the following modifications: – V12 Biturbo engine 800cv – Fix the camera focused interior – Gearbox 6-speed DOWNLOAD:…

    Download "Peterbilt 379 (fixed)" @ Download this mod

  • Volvo VNL 780 V 0.5

    Volvo VNL 780 V 0.5

    Mod adds completely new standalone trailer in your game. It is only in 0.5 version, but already is hight quality and doesn’t seem to have any major bugs. Game version: 1.8.X Credits: Big_bob AU44 SCS DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Volvo VNL 780 V 0.5" @ Download this mod

  • Volvo FH16 Fixed

    Volvo FH16 Fixed

    Author: Pepiito83 Tested: 1.3.1 Description – Keep back end cut above – Block lights car tuning with light additional – Internal personalized with object and red fill light – Addition of a scale(ladder) behind the cabin – Addition of one adorns parrot – Addition of two Fires(Lights) ” Hella ” fixed to the front bumper…

    Download "Volvo FH16 Fixed" @ Download this mod

  • Volvo FH16 Crusader Haulage YI

    Volvo FH16 Crusader Haulage YI

    Volvo FH16 Crusader Haulage updated skin and interior. This version has an updated Interior. The interior is Yellew/Red/Black, with yellow LED’s and a Yellow LCD Info Panel. Also includes an updated Dashboard. Created by crusaderuk DOWNLOAD:

    Download "Volvo FH16 Crusader Haulage YI" @ Download this mod