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Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods

The contents of the division on the type of model:
First + Standard tuning:

– Angel Eye
– Hella Chromium
– Hella Rally Kappe
– Bosch
– Mark Lumen Blue and Yellow
– Chromium Blue
– Hella Led Chrome
– Hella Chrome Ring

– Ice Blue with strong intensity
– Red
– Red x3 three point
– Blue
– Yellow
– Green
– Violet
– Warning flashing
– Blinker the left and right

– L, S, G, TIR, ADR

– Michelin lit doll
– Inscription SUPER
– Horseshoe
– Hadley high double trumpet
– Big wide bonfire kogot warning
– Driver and passenger plate frame LED Green

Second Only Tuning:

– Backward in function reverse

– Red + STOP three point with brake function

– Girl
– Lion

Signs highlighted:

Interior Accessories:
– Scarf Poland
– Pennant Poland
– BTC pennant
– Compressed air
– Pendant dreamcatcher
– Cubes
– Logo Mercedes
– Laptop
– Cross LED
– Navigation
– Curtains Blue
– Euro 3 sticker on the glass
– Vest )
– Ass
– Boy

– Roofbox
– Fire extinguisher
– Ladder

Authors: basti73, Scania1988, Chr, Ostry, EED123, Alang7, Capelle, Snaip, Witmen, Matey_Socho, MRscool, jules, Mwl4, Lukasz Jarzynka, DriverWRC, Joker, Legenda®, Vlasta, 21Seconds, Sheryo, Ventyres, StAfFoRdShIrE and others

Download: Tuning pack [Depositfiles.com]
Download: Tuning pack [Uploaded.to]

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  1. Davide says:

    Sulla mod sintonizzatore confezione come faccio ad avere il secondo sintonizzatore perchè con la mod mi viene fuori solo il primo sintonizzatore
    Grazie e Ciao

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